basically. the principle of cryptocurrency is generally anonymity built on the trust of users. as we know a cryptocurrency that is the main pair and the main transaction tool as well as a pioneer in cryptocurrency and digital transactions is Bitcoin. Bitcoin known to stand since 2009 where its creator named satoshi nakamoto. until now the inventor and the maker did not reveal himself. but cryptocurrency named bitcoin has transactions worth billions of dollars. seeing from the success of bitcoin that has an increasingly increasing value of days makes a lot of new cryptocurrency began to emerge. in 2017 the team of natcoin is funded by an investor named Tan hai fa a singapore citizen who resides in adelaide australia. but the entire project is headed by CMO as well as CEO of PT.Albitnex Crypto tenologi an official entity company that stands in Indonesia. many allegations about fake pictures and so on. Natcoin stressed that it was because the team from the developers lacked material and did not have time for photos to upload on the website. but teams from natcoin and IT are completely real people of course we have the right not to publish the photos of our founders. but we assure you that natcoin is an official company where natcoin focuses on the Indonesian market. why Indonesia? because the population of Indonesia and Indonesia’s strategic position and investment climate in Indonesia where the government of Indonesia is very supportive of all business based on financial technology (fintech) in indonesia natcoin will develop all atm machines and programs proclaimed by natcoin to become base business base in southeast asia Indonesia is currently building a community of natcoin and it is expected that this community will continue to grow and develop and become an impact market in natcoin Regards Wins Harrys CMO Natcoin CEO of PT.Albitnex crypto teknology