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are you ready for Natcoin ?

Natcoin is a revolution of digital currency that has a unique concept with an ecosystem and blockchain based stands on the ethereum erc platform with a total supply of 35 million NTC


enjoy trading services and natcoin trading transactions in trusted global markets such as coinexchange, etherdelta and you can find natcoin in coinmarketcap


get automining / autosharing from 0.10% -0.80% per day and accumulated by following lending program

Lending Program

follow the lending program and earn profits ranging from 3% to 7% per week


merge into an ecosystem that has the strength and resilience of the increasingly beneficial natcoin value for ecosystems

Lending Program | Trading | Automining | Merchant

Why Natcoin ?

natcoin (NTC) is present as a digital pay tool as well as a very attractive investment instrument because natcoin is supported by ecosystems such as exchanges, users / communities, atm machines, merchants and natcoin prepaid cards. with limited value and supply and the right amount of users and circulation through the ecosystem will make the value of natcoin will continue to grow

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join the natcoin community that supports the ecosystem and grow and grow and prosper together in natcoin.join the natcoin ecosystem community and be part of the resilience and strength of the value of natcoin. and gain a variety of benefits by becoming part of the global community of natcoin that has been present throughout the world


find it easy to transact natcoin in all merchants that have collaborated around the world. directly use your wallet in transactions. you also have the opportunity to join a natcoin merchant and get the convenience and benefits of being a merchant and natcoin user



natcoin is supported by withdrawal service using an atm machine where you have the convenience of withdrawing natcoin directly into fiat money with a withdrawal system via barcode scanner on your natcoin wallet



in March 2018 Natcoin will release a prepaid card that will make it easier for users and owners of natcoin wallets to be able to transact worldwide wherever they are with prepaid natcoin cards.


natpay is a highly multifunctional Natfinance application that you can use as payment gateway and also buy various needs like hotel voucher, airline ticket, tour package and more. natfinance will release in august 2018


natassurance is one of the flagship business units of natcoin. where natassurance is the first insurance business in the world to use cryptocurrency as a means of pay and value appraisal using natcoin. will release in august 2018